Karkimic España S.A was set up in the nineteen seventies in the industrial district of Barcelona (in the same area as where the Olympic Village is now located), with 100% Spanish capital. Its initial object was to manufacture and distribute automotive products. 

Due to the popularity of its products and its catalogue being widened, the initial facilities became too small and in the mid-eighties, Karkimic moved to the Riera de Caldes industrial estate, in Palau de Plegamans.
As its expansion plan continued, these new facilities also became too small, so in the late nineties, it moved to Espearreguera, to a new industrial complex, which meant gaining in terms of built-up surface area as well as available land for future expansion.



Karkimic is fortunate to have a team of highly skilled professionals who work together in the 18 different departments of the company, such as, Research and Development, Production, Quality Control, Management, Storage, Distribution and the Sales network. They all have the common aim of providing high quality and excellent service.

Its premises are exclusively devoted to manufacturing coolant-antifreeze and lubricants, as well as other related products for automobile cleaning and maintenance.

Manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the manufacturing predefined and computerised protocols, which stipulate the parameters that these products must comply with.


Karkimic España's main customers are wholesalers, spare parts and accessories shops, service stations, authorised dealers, etc., supplying top brands.

The popularity of these products is due to the high level of quality and service provided by the company.

Karkimic has increased its exports to other countries throughout the world, among which we should mention: Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Europe, etc., as well as Spain itself.